Monday, February 10, 2020

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These sandwiches making idea was triggered by seeing on Instagram @tarladalal and I slightly modified the recipe. That's all. Tasted very very good, so crunchy and flavorful.
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This is a very healthy sandwich too, since there is no oil or butter.

Bread slices - 6
Onion, chopped - 1
Corn - 1/2 cup
Red bell pepper, chopped - 1/2 cup
Black olives - 1/2 cup
Spinach leaves - 6
Cheese slices - 3
Pizza sauce - as required
Italian herbs - 2 tsps
Red chilli flakes - as needed
Salt to taste

Recipe cuisine: Fusion cooking; Category: Breakfast/lunch/dinner
Prep time: 10-15 mts; Grilling time: Roughly 3-4 minutes for each toast

Yields 6 triangle sandwiches

Corn put in a bowl

Chopped onions, and bell peppers added

Now olives

Italian seasonings and red chilli flakes

Mixed well. Don' t add salt now. Just before making the sandwich, you need to add salt

Place 2 bread slices

Smear pizza sauce over them

Keep as much filling you can on each slice

Cover with spinach leaves

One cheese slice on top of each slice. You can use grated cheese too.

Cover with another slice

Keep in the heated electric toaster

Grill till done

The yummy and tasty, crunchy sandwiches ready!!!

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