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Once again, my memory takes me back to my maternal home, where jars after jars of this Maavadu pickle used to be made....the vadus ( tender mangoes) used to come from Omalur...they used to be very tiny but very aromatic and tasty...
I wasn't thinking of making this pickle...
but the Mada streets of Mylapore, which are abundant with these Maavadus forced me to do this job. I could not resist the temptation......This is just to fulfill my desire. I bought very small quantity and made this pickle. I got Thirumurthy Vadus, which are from Coimbatore.
We must take care to buy mangoes with stem only. Otherwise, they will rot in no time.
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Like this, there were quite a few stalls on Mada Street...can you just come off without buying???

Mavadus - 3 cups (this was /12 kilo grams/1.1 pounds)
Gingely oil - 1/4 cup
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Chilli powder - 1/2 cup
 Rock Salt (kalluppu) கல் உப்பு - 1/2 cup
Mustard seeds  - 1/8 cup, keep in sunlight and powder in a blender

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Pickle
Prep time: 4-5 days; Time to soak well: One week; Cooking time: Nil

Yields roughly 3/4 kg of pickle

Immerse the Vadumangais in water, soak then for 1/2 hour, wash them well.

They have to be dried well. So, just like a tender baby, spread them on a towel.....

Close with another towel and wipe each and every mango well.  well. There should not be a drop of water on the mangoes

1/2 cup rock salt, measured and kept

Powder the rock salt, and along with turmeric powder, add to the vadus/mangoes

                            Pour the gingely oil too. If you like Castor oil, you can add that also.

You must see to it that the oil, salt and turmeric coat each and every piece of the mango. This is the protection plan for this special pickle.

Keep it covered well, first with a cloth and then with a lid, keep in a shady place, and for 4 days, every morning and evening, mix it well. Water from the salt will be secreting little by little.

On the 5th day morning, it will be like this.

Powdered mustard seeds

Keep mustard powder and chilli powder in a bowl

Mix both the powders well.

Load this powder into the small mixi jar, pour the water that has come out in the mango pickle, 

And blend to a smooth paste. This method  gives a rich and thick gravy to the pickle.

Add  that paste to  the mangoes

Mix well, and keep covered again and allow to rest till evening.

Add well boiled and cooled water, in room temperature, to the mangoes, till the mangoes immerse, and mix well. Another option is, while adding salt in the beginning, you can add 2-3 tbsps less, then add that salt to this water while boiling, and add. It will take a week more for the mangoes to take in the salt and spice.

Mangoes have started can see...

Serve this superb pickle with curd rice.

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* The pickle has to be refrigerated at once. Can't trust this weather.
*Initially, the mango water will be slightly salty only. Don't worry. Taste after a week. As days go by, mangoes will take in the salt and spices.


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