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This, probably can be called the favourite tiffin variety, the most popular South Indian Breakfast , of many people. Well.........these days, when different kinds of tavas and spatulas are available, I still stick on strongly to my Cast Iron Srirangam dosa tava, with this specially ordered spatula. I don't think, I can ever do without them. And I can vouchsafe, only in my Salem home, and my mother's elder sister's home in Coimbatore, we have these special thin spatulas. Infact, many people have wondered, how I can lift a dosa with this thin one, but, I cannot take out a dosa with a normal spatula!! And again, my mom and my sister used to be Dosa specialists, the ease and expertise with which they spread the batter,and  made paper roasts, having two tavas on two gas burners,  used to leave people awe struck! I too have 2 tavas, and when I entertain many, I too use both simultaneously! The old tradition continues!!!!


Idli rice + Premium boiled rice-3 cups
Whole urad dhal - 1  cup
Methi seeds - 1 tsp
Salt to taste

Recipe Cuisine: SouthIndian; Category: Breakfast/ Tiffin Variety
Prep time: 1 hour to grind the batter; Cooking time: Roughly 2-3 mts for one dosa

Soak the rice and methi seeds together, urad dhal separately for 2-3 hours. I normally soak rice for a little longer time. Then grind them separately, mix together, allow to ferment for 8-9 hours, after adding salt to taste. In the picture down below, you can see the rice and methi soaked together, urad dhal separately and also the well fermented batter .

For thin roast dosa, spread it thinly, in circular motion. Add gingely oil. I believe in using gingely oil, in tamil it is called "Nalla ennai", it does so much good for our stomach. This dosa-making is the opposite of rava dosas. For rava dosas, you go from outer to inner circle, and for this, from center to outer circle.

Flip to the other side, if anyone wants ghee roast, you can add some ghee. If diet conscious people want less oil, then no need to add oil when you turn the dosa.

Here is the beautifully rolled golden coloured , paper  roast Dosa! See how crisp it is!!!

Serve hot with tiffin sambar or any chutney of your choice.


The same batter, dosas made gently without spreading the batter to a thin one.....I have named them travel dosas, since they are the most ideal  ones to carry along, while travelling by road or train. Soft  and spongy textured, stays like this for several hours, till they are devoured, smeared with molagappodi and with a cup of curds!!!!


             Always, I used to receive a pat from my father in law, for the innumerable holes in the dosas I make. He was a food connoisseur and critic, and it is because of his comments, criticisms and praises that today I stand as a confident cook.

I can see you drooling!!!!


*Always,soak methi seeds with rice, and not with urad dhal. I have noticed, that if you mix with urad dhal, the colour changes. Methi seeds are so good for health in many ways, and in every possible way, it has to be incorporated in our daily food.
*Another tip for packing Molagappodi Dosas while travelling....add 2-3 tsps of water to the molagappodi, mixed with gingely oil. This prevents the dosas from drying, and also helps Dosas stay soft for a longer time.


  1. Mala Akka - I would love to have your breakfast platter as you have displayed above on my next visit...please :-)))))))). Kalpana Anand


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