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With a sweet news Carrot halwa is coming to you!!! My interview about my blog,  has been featured in the All India edition of Dinamani News paper's suplement "Magalir Mani"......I am so thrilled!!!! "malpatskitchen" is reaching many homes today from Kashmir to Kanyakumari!!!! Here is the link:

In Hindi, Carrots are called Gajar. Carrots is over brimming with beta carotene, fiber, Vitamins A,C,K,B 8, iron, copper and manganese.
I found lot of Delhi Carrots in the market.....the ones with deep pinkish colour.....
I just added 1 small beet to this halwa. Beet, the dark reddish, pink vegetable improves blood supply, lowers blood pressure, has potassium, iron, protein, anti oxidants and soluble fiber.
And, one more satisfaction which this halwa gives is, there is very less sugar used. Of course, condensed milk is there, but...while adding lot of sugar, you have a guilty feeling.
Eat this guilt-free, lip-smacking  dessert...steaming hot....with a scoop of vanilla ice is just heavenly!!!

Carrots - 1/2 kg  (1.1 lbs), grated
Beet root - 1, small, grated
Milkmaid condensed milk - 1/2 tin
Milk - 3 cups
Sugar - 3 tbsps (If you are not using condensed milk, then add 11/2 cups)
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Saffron strands - 1/4 tsp
Ghee - 4 tbsps
Cashews - 6-7
Raisins - few

Recipe Cuisine: South / North Indian; Category; Dessert
Prep time: 15 mts; Cooking time: 45 mts

Yields 12 -14 cups

Carrots and beet root, washed, peeled and grated

Add 3 cups milk to the grated carrot-beet mixture, and don't miss the saffron strands on top

Allow to boil in low flame, let the carrots and beet get cooked well, and let the milk condense and acquire  a khoya texture and taste

Milk reduced well, carrots and beet well cooked. Now it will look as if it has lost its colour. Don't worry, you don't lose colour.....the moment sugar is added, colour will come back.

Now add the condensed milk, 3 tbsps sugar and cardamom powder.

 Add 2 tsps ghee around the halwa, so that nothing will stick to the bottom.

Roasted cashews and raisins added, along with the remaining ghee, stir well.

Halwa has reached the perfect consistency. It is leaving the sides.

Carrot halwa ready! Serve it hot. Nobody can stop without having a second helping.
It is so mild, the taste of sugar is not at all predominant, and just the khoya taste is there, and of course, the wellness of carrots and beetroot.

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*Adding beet root is not mandatory. It is  optional.I always add one for a rich colour, and also some extra nutrition.
*I would love to hear your comments, which will be so encouraging!


  1. Beautiful coloured and delicious looking halwa. Congrats on the interview. So happy that your recipes are now reaching so many people. Kalpana Anand

  2. tried the carrot halwa it came very well. bhuvnarajesh


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