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This Pulav always goes along with any side dish or raita,  kids love this Pulav, since it is so mild.... This is a very very easy method, I have been following this for ages, never once it has flopped. Always, when I have guests for lunch or dinner, when they call and tell me they are nearing my home, I start making this, and when they come, it is ready, steaming hot!!! (Of course, I keep things ready)

Basmati rice - 2 1/2 cups
Water - 5 cups
Shelled peas - 1 cup
Onions - 2, slit lengthwise
Green chillies - 4, slit
Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tsp
Bay leaf - 2-3 small pieces
Cardamoms - 6
Cloves - 6
Cinnamon - 6 small bits
Jeera - 1 tsp
Cooking oil + ghee - 6 tbps
Salt to taste

Recipe Cuisine: North Indian; Category: Lunch / Dinner
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time:15 mts

Serves 6-7

Wash and soak basmati rice for 15 minutes

Then drain

Heat oil and ghee in a pressure cooker, season jeera and bay leaf 

Now add green chillies and all the spices

Now onions and the ginger-garlic paste

now the peas

Add salt

Add boiling hot water, the measured quantity

When steam comes out, close the vent with a small cup and keep on the lowest flames, and ....

cook for 10 minutes.

The below picture shows the pulav after 5 minutes, when you need to open and give a gentle stir

Fully done! This is a fool proof method, you don't even have to fluff it up with a fork!

I can keep a bet...can you show one grain sticking to the other???

Serve with potato chips ,  Palak raita. and Paneer butter masala

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*Can deseed the green chillies, if there are young kids at home.
*Spices can be pulsed and added for kids' sake. In that case, the sparkling white colour may fade little bit.

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  1. Wow !! 4 stars on the platter! 5 star for the preparation and narration in a simpler form! No I won,t lay a bet or I will be a big time loser! Thanks for the post.


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