Monday, July 11, 2016

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The soft Idiyappam....also called String Hoppers......originates from Srilanka. And it is very famous in Chettinad region. It is served as a sweet variety with coconut and sugar or with coconut milk, and as a savory variety, it is served with vegetable khorma .
This is ideal for convalescing patients, since it is harmless, it can be called a low cal & a zero-oil breakfast.
Of course, store bought idiyappams are available, but nothing can beat this super-special home made soft Idiyappam!!

Idiyappam flour (store bought) - 2 cups
Water - 21/2 - 3 cups
Salt to taste
Gingely oil - 1 tsp

Recipe Cuisine: Srilankan; South Indian; Category: Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner
Prep time: nil; Cooking time: 1 hour, roughly

Yields 18 Idiyappams

This is the special  idiyappam maker, bought from Karaikudy, wooden outside and brass inside. Many varieties have come now in market, but you all know....I like old things only....and stick on to them!!!

Rice flour measured and kept, salt and 1 tsp gingely oil added, then measured boiling water mixed, and the flour is being stirred into a dough (off stove), and covered with a lid and kept side. The dough should not become too soft, then idiyappam will not be firm…

When it becomes touchable, wet your hands, knead it into a soft dough, make long, slender balls, and load one by one into the greased idiyappam maker

Press into small idiyappams on the greased idli plates. You cannot steam them in a three tier idli -stand like how you make idlis. You have to keep a ring inside the pressure cooker, and,  on the ring, keep this single plate and steam for 10 minutes. Then keep the next plate which is loaded with the squeezed idiyappams.

The steamed idiyappams...take them gently with a flat ladle, dipped in water

and arrange them neatly on a plate....are they Idiyappams or white daisies???

Serve hot with Vegetable Khorma

*Idiyappam can be served with any kind of vegetable subzi.
*When the dough becomes cool, it becomes difficult to squeeze. At that time, sprinkle the balls with 2-3 drops of water, microwave for 20 seconds. When the balls are warm or hot, it is very easy to squeeze them.
*I like making small idiyappams like this. If you want, on a greased banana leaf, on a big steamer plate, big ones can be made.


  1. Lovely pictures and description. The idiyappams look so soft and fresh . Love your blog Ms. Mala. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

    1. Thank you so much Vineetha , your comment is motivating me a lot!

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