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I saw this recipe being made in a TV show in India by a famous chef...... have been wanting to make this rice for so many days............but didn't feel like making in India ..............but here, when  my family is enjoying whatever  dishes I make, I had the earnest desire  to make this.........and there was some left over basmati rice.....and this paved way for the advent of this superb recipe!!! grandchildren told me, this rice tastes much better than the ones we get in restaurants!!! what more certificates I need???

Left over basmati rice - 6 cups
Broccoli florets - 3 cups
Julienned carrots - 1 1/2 cups
Cabbage, cut into fine strips - 3 cups
Spinach leaves - 1 cup
Babycorns, thinly slit - 2 cups
Onions - 2, thinly sliced
Garlic - 10 pods
Ginger - very thinly chopped - 2 tsps
Red chilli flakes - 2 tsps
Soy sauce - 3 tsps
Sweet chilli sauce - 3 tsps
Green chillies - 3, finely chopped and soaked in 3 tbsps vinegar
Hoisin sauce - 2 tsps
Pepper powder - 2 tsps
Salt to taste

Recipe cuisine: Chinese/international; Category: Lunch / dinner
Prep time: 20 mts; Cooking time: 15 mts

Serves 6

All vegetables kept in an array

All sauces, that have enriched the taste of this rice

Onions, garlic pods and ginger

Heat a chinese wok, add olive oil ( you can use gingely oil aka sesame seeds oil also) and add the garlic pods as soon as the oil is hot. Wait till they turn golden...then.....

add the onions and chopped ginger. Always in chinese cooking, flames on the highest, that's how vegetables get cooked and still remain crunchy.....when the onions become well sauteed, the garlic will become brown in color. In the beginning itself, if you wait for the garlic to turn brown, then by now, they will turn black, and emit a bitter taste.

Now add the broccoli florets and the baby corns.

and now, the cabbage, carrots and baby spinach leaves

mix everything well, remember, flames on the highest only

Add the pepper powder, salt to taste, chilli flakes and the sauces. Saute well.

Now add the rice, which must be well crumbled to a grainy texture

Mix well and serve hot, with any chinese sauce of your choice. 

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* This is a very healthy dish, you would have by now noticed that the quantity of the vegetables are much more than the rice. 
*Though I do not eat eggs, I never hesitate to make it for my children or grand children. I made  chinese style scrambled eggs too, and all loved when they topped the rice with the scrambled eggs. You too want to pump in more protein into this  rice ....... by topping it up with Chinese style scrambled eggs??? 
Here is the recipe. Beat the eggs lightly with a fork. Add salt and pepper. Heat a pan, add 1 tsp oil, season some black sesame seeds, then add the beaten eggs, keep the flames on the high, keep on sauteeing, add some chilli sauce and soy  sauce too, and switch off when the eggs become slightly roasted. They all said, it was so tasty! Sorry............was .in a hurry, I forgot to click pictures.....
* Want to make this healthier? Replace white rice with brown basmati.


  1. looks delicious! I was craving for garlic fried rice this weekend for some reason! looking forward to trying it out

  2. Divine!!! What a lovely recipe. A friend suggested I browse your blog and I am so glad I listened to her. Your wide range of recipes is astounding.Thank you.

  3. Simply superb garlicky aromatic rice. Given In most simple and perfect steps. Must try .Have already marked in my never ending to do list.

  4. Another great recipe!!! I am going to try this tonight as I am craving Chinese.


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