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Known as "Kaapi",  South Indian Filter Coffee is the perfect companion for a South Indian breakfast...
There can be several types of Coffees all around the world....
Americano, Lattee, Cafe Mocha, Cappuccino, Frappe, there are Expresso, Double expresso, Ristretto....also, Flat White Coffee of Australia and  Affogato, a dessert Coffee.
But....can anything come near or be matched with the South Indian Filter Coffee, served in a Dabara and tumbler? NO...NO... never!!

This is my favorite Peaberry Coffee bean.

Ingredients for the decoction
Peaberry Coffee powder - 6 tsps
Rock salt - 1 or 2
Hot water
Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - as needed

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category:Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Prep time: nil; Brewing time: 15 mts; Cooking time: 5 mts

Yields 3 tumblers of Coffee

The upper compartment of the filter, has tiny perforations, and the lower compartment is the place where the decoction collects. In the upper portion, drop 1 or 2 rock salt bits. This helps to boost aroma of Coffee. After all...I am from a renowned coffee family, and you can trust my words...

Then add the coffee powder, I added 6 tsps, enough to fill half the compartment.

Then gently press the powder, otherwise when you pour the hot water, the decoction will immediately trickle down, and it will not be thick. Some filters come with a small separator kind of thing, if your filter has it, you can keep it over the powder, and then no need to press the coffee powder.

Boiling hot water to be poured very very gently over the powder.

                                            Close the lid, leave it undisturbed for awhile

                                          This is after 10 mts..the decoction has trickled down.

Pour that decoction into a cup, 

and pour some more water again. If you need a really thick decoction, you may stop with the first time.

Boil the milk in a sauce pan

Add sugar (brown or white) to taste in a tumbler. I have , here added natural brown sugar.

Pour some decoction.

Now, pour the hot milk from a certain height, so that the coffee will be foaming and frothy

Enjoy this wonderful aromatic coffee with your favorite South Indian Breakfast

*Some people prefer chicory added to coffee powder, because that gives very thick decoction. But chicory does not agree with me. So, choice is yours.
*Always remember, milk has to be boiled in a pan only to get this froth. If you just heat it in a microwave, the same effect and taste will not be there.

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