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"NEER" in most of the south indian languages means "water".
This dosa has this significant name because its batter has to be so watery. Quite an easy dosa, so tasty, no fermentation required.
This dosa can be called a cousin of "Verum arisi adai".  Both have lot of similarities...just 3 ingredients..rice, coconut and salt. The only difference is, Verum arisi adai is made with boiled rice, whereas, Neer dosa is made with raw rice.
This dosa can be served with Sagu, Khorma, or any chutney or sambar.

Raw rice - 1 cup, soaked for 8-10  hours
Fresh grated coconut - 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Enough coconut oil to drizzle around dosas

Recipe cuisine: South Indian; Category:Breakfast/lunch/dinner
Soaking time: 8-10  hours; Cooking time: 3-4 mts for each dosa
Recipe source: Tarla dalal

Yields 8 dosas

To make dosas for dinner, I soaked the raw rice in boiling hot water by 7am, ground the batter by 5pm, and it needs no fermentation. The soaked raw rice with coconut and salt to taste loaded in the blender jar.

Ground to a very fine batter.

You can rinse  the blender and add that water too.

Better has to be really really watery.

Heat a non stick pan, keep on high flames, check its heat by sprinkling some water over it, and from a height, start pouring from the corners and then fill up the center. Of course, the stove top will get messy, batter will splash everywhere, but can't be helped. Only if you pour from a height, it will be lacy in texture with umpteen holes. Drizzle coconut oil around, keep on slow flames after making the dosa, then flip over, allow to remain in the tava just for a second and remove.

 See how porous, white and soft it looks!!!

dosa flipped over, and now done perfectly.

Serve this extremely healthy, soft, spongy and lacy dosa with Sagu (recipe to follow)

To this batter, grind and add Coconut, coriander leaves, green chillies and ginger, and you get the lovely Cilantro Neer Dosas

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