Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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Here is another signature recipe of my maternal home!!!
Always my mom and sister used to make this for Deepavali, and effortlessly they used to make!
My heart is filled with thoughts about them both as and when I make these today....
And being a special recipe of my mother, I would certainly like to document it for the posterity!!!

Besan - 1 cup
Rice flour - 1 cup
Omam/ajwain - 1 tsp
Hing powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Butter - 1 tbsp
Ghee - 2 tsps
Enough oil to fry these

Recipe cuisine: South Indian; Category: Savory snacks
Prep time: 10-15 mts; Cooking time: Half an hour for this batch

Yields around 23-24  murukkus

Butter, ghee and ajwain taken in a bowl

With the palm of your hand, you must rub it nicely in circular motions. Just imagine, there is no cooking soda or baking powder for these murukkus! 

Measured besan, rice flour, hing powder and salt to taste added

Just by sprinkling water little by little, a nice dough is made, not too hard, not too loose

On the back side of a spatula, make murukku like this with the single star plate. 

At a time we can make 2 or 3 and keep ready to drop into the hot oil

Dropped into the hot oil, flames on medium. While dropping into the oil, we need to take care, the spatula should not touch the oil...I am imagining my mom's voice saying that...even if some oil splashes on it, it is better to keep a paper towel nearby and wipe it then and there. Otherwise, next time, the murukku won't fall into the oil, some portions may get stuck to the spatula

Flipped over carefully.

Taken and drained on a paper towel inside a colander

The very tasty and yummy murukkus ready!!!!

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