Thursday, February 11, 2021

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 These chips originate from Kerala, and they are known as Kerala chips. Normally they make it in Coconut oil but I have made in refined oil only.
By themselves they are yellow in color, and one thing about these chips they are being fried, we have to add salt. I mixed little bit of turmeric powder also to salt, added water and added to chips!!
Many make a healthy powder out of Nendhrangai for small babies and give as porridge.
Here is my Vazhakkai/raw banana chips

Nendran bananas - 4
Enough oil to fry
Salt - 1-11/4 tsps
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp

Recipe cuisine: South Indian; Category: Lunch/dinner/snacks
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: 20-25 mts

Yields around 250-300 gms chips

Bananas peeled and dropped into water

Then they are sliced like this with a slicer, not too thin...not too thick...

Turmeric powder and salt taken in a cup

water added

slices dropped into oil. We can directly slice into the oil too.

After turmeric-salt water is added, it will make a sizzling sound like this. We must be careful whikle adding salt. For the first batch, we can add 1 tsp. Then later, since the oil has already taken in salt, we must add 1/2 tsp only. Otherwise if it become too salty, we can't do anything later.

Only the sizzling stops, that means, chips are done.

Take them out and put in a colander, which is lined with a kitchen napkin.

Yummy and crunchy chips are ready!!!


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