Sunday, June 30, 2024

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 Malpatskitchen turns 9 today, and presents a sumptuous and beautiful thaali for you all!! Thanks to you all for making it possible for me to post 685 tried and tested recipes!!

The main ingredient in Malpats kitchen is LOVE!
Food is passionately made with  a lot of “Shraddha
Food is nothing but a Pooja, created with a lot of “Saburi
Food is seasoned with positive thoughts
Food is simmered with Happiness
Food is cooked with Shloka chanting
Which instills the right taste and flavor into the food
Food made is mentally first offered to GODS
Then served , brimming with Divinity
Always bearing in mind the Goddess Annapurani
Who  sits graciously with a Golden Ladle! 
This is the secret of MALPATS KITCHEN!!!

And here is the SPECIAL THAALI!!!

Recipes for the items in this thali:

Green Moong Dhal -> GREEN GRAM DHAL


Onion Pakoda -> ONION PAKODA

Phulkas -> ROTIS

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* Shraddha means perseverance 
* Saburi means patience




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