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  Lemon Rasam!!!!! it takes me back to my childhood memories, to my native place in Salem, where in my house, this rasam was a speciality!! My mom used to crush and add a tiny piece of ginger, it used to boost the flavour of the rasam, not only that, it is good for digestion too.....


                                                                   2 tomatoes, pureed
                                          2 green chillies slit, a small piece ginger crushed, curry leaves
                                                                   a small piece of hing
                                                                  turmeric powder/haldi
                                                                 cooked tur dhal - 1/2 cup
                                                                sambar powder - 1/2-3/4 tsp
                                                                           salt to taste
                                                                    2 tbsps of lemon juice
                                                             coriander leaves for garnishing
                                                                 ghee for seasoning
                                                        mustard seeds and jeera for seasoning

                                            Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Lunch
                                       Prep time: 10 minutes; Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
                                                                         Serves 4

                                                        First, puree the tomatoes.

                            Then add crushed ginger, slit green chillies, hing, salt, sambar powder & curry                                     leaves added

                                      Allow it to boil, after it reduces to half in quantity,

                  add the cooked tur dhal, add some more water, to fill to the brim of the vessel.

My mom always used to say, after adding the dhal and water, the rasam should never be allowed to boil otherwise it will lose its flavor. So, one must take care not to bring it to a boil. Add the chopped, washed coriander leaves.
Add the lemon juice. and take care, it should not boil after adding juice.

In ghee, mustard seeds and jeera seasoned. Serve with hot steaming rice and papads and enjoy!

*Those who want to preserve the beautiful yellow colour of the Lemon Rasam, can add chopped tomatoes too.



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