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Tirangi Dhal
Tirangi dhal means, the tri colored dhal. This is a simple, perfect side dish for rotis, not at all spicy, very minimal ingredients used, but full of flavor. And on a rainy or winter day,rotis rserved with this fabulous dhal in a bowl, with some vegetable on sides, will turn out to be a perfect dinner. The finely grated ginger adds extra flavor to this, ginger being the wonder herb, which is very very good for digestion, and also good for acid reflux, which is commonly prevalent nowadays. I have used tur dhal, which is dark yellow in color, broken moong , which is yellowish in color and masoor, which is pink in color. This measurement serves 4. 

Tur dhal - 1/4 cup
Mung dhal - 1/4 cup
Masoor dhal - 1/4 cup
a pinch of turmeric powder / haldi
grated ginger - 1/2 tsp
sambar powder - 3/4 tsp
oil and ghee mixed - 11/2 tsp
jeera - 1 tsp
Red chilli - 1 broken into 2
salt to taste
lime juice - 1 tsp
curry leaves -  few

Recipe Cuisine: North Indian; Category: Dhals
Prep time: 15mts; Cooking time: 20mts

Serves 4

All dhals, soaked for half an hour in hot water. I believe in soaking dhals for sometime, to soften them. This not only facilitates quicker cooking but also softens the dhals well. Pressure cook them for 3-4 whistles, with turmeric powder  and sambar powder.

The 3 kinds of dhals grouped together

Soaked in hot water

Sambar powder added, going to be pressure cooked

   After pressure releases, mash the dhals slightly, add salt to taste, add grated ginger on top and some curry leaves.

Ginger , chopped & curry leaves topped


In a small seasoning pan, add oil and ghee, season jeera and the broken red chilli, and pour on top of the jeera and curry leaves. Add lime juice, serve hot with rotis or hot rice.

* Grated tomatoes can be added while pressure cooking the dhal, but I don't do it, since the beautiful yellow color of the dhal is gone. 
* You can add dhania powder and jeera powder too, but believe me, if you want a simple dhal, with the flavor of ginger and lime juice, then try out this recipe!
*I want to say a word about the iron seasoning spatula  I have the yonder years, this is what elders used to use.....then in the modern times, we switched over to hindalium,  stainless steel with copper bottom and non stick seasoning pans.....But, I am telling you...I would have bought atleast 25-30 pans....handle comes offin no time, so has to be thrown out. This iron seasoning  pan is an everlasting one!


  1. Amazing!!!!! Love the pics and feel like eating this now!!!!!!!!

  2. Have made this a few times already. This is now my favourite daal so tasty,nutritious and easy to prepare!

    Could you please post recipe for panner butter masala

  3. Nice dal . I love the use of sambar powder and fresh ginger


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