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                                                      NAVARATHRI - DAY 2
The beautiful yellow coloured Lemons.........the most essential in everybody's kitchen.......are very rich in Vitamin C, contains flavonoids and hence treats flu, colds and coughs, stimulates the liver, cleans bowels, helps treat skin diseases like scurvy, contains citric acid, which dissolves gall stones, calcium deposits and kidney stones. Lemon peel, which is so good for the skin, is used in many beauty parlours, and Ayurveda utilises to the maximum the medicinal values of Lemon. Not only this....there is still more....strengthens blood vessels and destroys intestinal worms. Lemon has many anti-cancer compounds.
So, this great Lemon is used to make rice......well....I want to pump in some more nutrition into this, added some Red bellpeppers, which is again a rich source of Vitamin C, has anti bacterial and anti diabetic properties, contains great levels of Vitamin some Green bellpeppers, which are low in calories, rich in Vitamin C and contains anti oxidants.....well.....I am not  a contented  person, when it comes to nutrition..........not at all  satisfied with this much of, added some roasted  Peanuts, which are rich in energy, are a good source of protein, reduces stroke, and a good source of Vitamin E too.

Rice - 1 cup, washed and soaked for 1 hour
Water - 2 1/2 cups, to cook
Gingely oil - 1 tsp, to add to the rice while cooking, 1 tsp to smear over the cooked rice
Green bell pepper, finely chopped - 1
Red bell pepper, finely chopped - 1
Peanuts, roasted with 1/2 tsp oil in microwave - 1/4 cup
Lemon juice - 3 tbsps
Salt to taste

To season
Gingely oil - 3 tsps
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Hing powder - 1/2 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Solit urad dhal - 1 tsp
Channa dhal - 1 tsp
Red chillies, broken - 2
Green chillies, slit - 3
Curry leaves

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Lunch/Dinner
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: 1/2 hour for the rice; then 10 mts

Serves 3- 4

In a pan, add oil and season the ingredients mentioned above.

Then add the bell peppers, and keeping the flames on low, saute them.

I cooked rice for 30 minutes, without whistle, covering the vent with a small cup, and keeping on low flame. Spread the cooked rice, smear 1 tsp gingely oil over, add enough salt for the rice, and allow to cool down

                                                   Then add the sauteed bell peppers and...

and microwave-roasted peanuts and gently mix.

Serve with any fried papads or vadams and a vegetable curry of your choice.


  1. Hi Mala Akka - Mummy told me about your recipe for lemon rice with bell peppers a few years ago. I have made it like your recipe a few times since then and it is a big hit. Very colourful and has a great flavour. Kalpana Anand.


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