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                                                           Happy Deepavali!!!!!
"Deepavali"  means, a row of lamps. :"Deepam"  is lamp and "Avali"  is row. All these Deepams are to dispel darkness and to bring in the Divine Light. Deepavali also marks the end and destruction of the Demon Narakasura.
Doodh Peda ........is one of the favourite prasaads of Shirdi Sai Baba. I always wanted to try it out, and thought, Deepavali is the best occassion to do that.  I just tried a  small quantity, and felt so happy, because it turned out to be a success!!!

There are various versions of Doodh Peda. Some have used milk powder, some have used Khoya (mawa). I wanted Malpat's Doodh Pedas to be something unique. So, I made khoya with the 3 % milk, used equal amount of milk powder, and also used condensed milk. 

 Khoya - 1 cup
Milk powder - 1 cup
Condensed milk - 1 can
Ghee - 2 - 3 tsps

For the Khoya
Milk - 6 cups (3%)
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Saffron - 1/2 tsp

Recipe Cuisine: North Indian; Category: Sweets; Dessert; Prasaad
Prep time: 30 mts for the khoya; Cooking time: 20-25 mts

Yields 34 Pedas

6 cups milk, set to boil, with cardamom powder

Milk boiling nicely on medium flame

Reduced sufficiently

Reached the final stage. Switch off. It took 30 minutes for me.

If the khoya seems to be grainy, give a quick pulse in the blender, making it smooth.

Khoya measured. 1 cup, so equal amount of milk powder in the pan

1 can condensed milk too added

Start stirring non stop, on medium/slow flames.

Add 1 tsp of ghee

Thickening, be careful. Continuous stirring is  required.

Add 1 more tsp of ghee, when it is about to leave the sides. Lower the flames completely.

Switch off. If you stir too much, it will become like a chewy,  toffee-like  consistency. Allow to cool down a bit, till you can touch it.  Balls have to be made  when the dough is slightly warm itself.

I used a tbsp to make even sized pedas. I greased it slightly, scooped out peda mixture and put it on the plate.....then...

Grease your palms with a drop of ghee, shape the pinched ball  into a peda....and

with the help of a 1/8 tsp, made a slight dent in the middle of the peda, to adorn them with finely chopped pistachio

Was I , in my previous birth, a peda maker or a peda packer in Shirdi???

Don't they look perfectly adorned for the joyous occasion??

Happy Deepavali to you all, once again!!! 

*Slivered   almonds can adorn the dent in the peda too.
*I added saffron while making khoya itself. If you want to make Kesar Pedas, then while mixing all the 3 ingredients (khoya, milk powder and condensed milk), add 1 tsp of saffron. It will lend more colour and flavour to the pedas.
*We can use our imagination and make different types of peda. Add dark chocolate powder while mixing, you get chocolate pedas. Add ground pista, and you get green pista pedas.
*You can make some designs on the peda too. I could not get a peda press. I wanted to do that too
*Has a shelf life of about a week in room temperature. Can be refrigerated too, and will stay for slightly longer time. But Pedas might become hard. Anyway, it is better to use up the milk sweets as soon as possible..


  1. Beautiful pedas. Looks professional Akka. Happy Deepavali...made sweeter by your recipe. Kalpana Anand


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