Sunday, November 1, 2015

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 Idlis......always in the top list of the South Indian Breakfasts.......Even though for both the big and the small idlis, the same batter is used,  there is still some fascination about the mini idlis......Many make the deep fried mini idlis too...I don't...I always feel, they take in a lot of oil. Instead, I am presenting a mini idli platter....3 varieties.... One is mini idlis, tossed in molagappodi, another is mini idlis, dipped in  sambar , and the last one is, idlis flavoured with  Coriander Curry leaves -  powder. It tastes great and very healthy too.

You can present these as a starter too, arranging them on tooth picks. Always, drizzle a drop of ghee and a drop of gingely oil to these variety of idlis. It gives so much added flavour.

Put the mini idlis in a bowl, add steamimg hot sambar, and again, a drop of gingely oil on top.

Toss the idlis in the curry leaves-coriander leaves powder, add a drop of ghee. Then, in a small pan, add 2 tsps gingely oil, add mustard seeds, 1 tsp of split urad dhal and 1 tsp of channa dhal, and after they turn golden, pour on top of the idlis. The seasonings stay crunchy, and while you eat the soft idlis,  prove to be a tasty contrast!

*When you have guests at home for breakfast, if you have Ven pongal or upma, then instead of the normal idlis, you can serve mini idlis as a platter too, and impress your guests!!!


  1. Very creatively presented.I loved the way the minis were skewed in . Very imaginative. Instead of eating the same old drab idlys ,this is a welcome way of making them! Thanks for this innovative, taste buds tingling delicacy.

  2. Beautiful platter! Mini idli with coriander curry paste looks delicious. Very creative Akka. Kalpana Anand


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