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கம்பு உருண்டை, in tamil...Bajra in Hindi and Pearl millet  in one of the oldest millets used by all our ancestors. It has excellent fiber content, and is used on a regular basis in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Nowadays, as people have started using millets, Pearl millet has also come into existence. Whole pearl millets used to be bought and hand pound in those days.

Pearl millet is gluten free, rich in magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamins, known for its anti oxidants, and is also noted for its high iron content. It reduces the internal heat of the body, keeps the system cool!!! Isn't that cool??

                                                               Broken pearl millet - 1 cup
                                                                        Water - 2 3/4 cups
                                                                      Gingely oil - 1/2 tsp
                                                                             Salt to taste

                                                 Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Lunch                                                                                        Prep time:10  mts; Cooking time: 15 mts

                                                                             Yields 7 balls

                                                                      Hand pounded earlier.....


Pearl millet measured and loaded into blender jar

Given a quick pulse; it will be a coarse textured powder

Measured water set to boil with 1 tsp of gingely oil

Pulsed millets added

After mixing well, keep on low flames and cover with a lid

In the below picture, you can see the millet solidifying slowly, and in the last stage, salt added, when the colour also slightly changes to darker one.

It will be like a thicker dosa batter. Don't worry...only if it is like this, in this consistency, the balls tend to stay very very soft. After half hour of cooling down......

After one and a half hours....

Then, when it becomes luke warm, make soft balls, and keep in a bowl, Serve hot with a dash of ghee and hot sambar.

If the pearl millet ball does not stay in your mouth, please don't scold me!!! It will glide down your throat before even you try to bite it or taste it....

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*Broken pearl millets are available in some stores, not all.
*In case you have whole Pearl millets, you can soak them in hot water for an hour, drain thoroughly with not a drop of water, then pulse in the blender.
*You really have to develop a taste to eat pearl millets. It has an unique aroma and taste, which some may not like.

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  1. Dear madam,
    Thank you for the lovely recipe.Is it necessary to hand pound full kambu also?

    1. dear Akila
      Thank you so much for regularly viewing my recipes and also leaving your valuable comments.
      You can soak the whole pearl millets in hot water for an hour, drain completely, then coarsely pulse in the blender jar.
      Where can we go to hand pound? I chose to cook broken pearl Millets, since the soaking the pulsing jobs were less.

  2. An unusual nutritive wholesome snack!


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