Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Instead of a burrito, daughter felt like stuffing the same things in a vegetable, to make it healthier. It was such a big hit, as always.....Zucchini , which is a low calorie vegetable, with no saturated fats  or cholesterol. Zucchini has anti oxidant properties, and are a good source of potassium , vitamins and minerals.
Such great zucchinis are loaded...literally loaded with protein rich ingredients, to make this dish a healthy one.
Daughter picked up  this recipe from a  website Makingthymeforhealth, but we changed it by omitting rice while filling up the Zucchinis, and also did some slight modifications.

Zucchini - 6
Onion - 1, big, chopped
Jalapeno peppers - 2, chopped
Poblano pepper - 1, chopped
Red bell pepper - 1, chopped
Fresh or frozen corn - 2 cups
Canned black beans - 2 cups
Tomato salsa - 2 cups
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Cumin / jeera powder - 2 tsps
Salt to taste
Olive oil - 3 tsps
Coriander/cilantro - 1 cup, washed and chopped
Cheese, grated, as required for topping

Recipe Cuisine: International/Mexican; Category: Lunch/Dinner
Prep time: 20 mts; Baking time: 30 mts;

Yields 12 stuffed zucchinis

Heat a broad pan, add olive oil and on high flames, saute the onions, jalapeno and poblano peppers and red bell peppers

Add the  corn 

now, the black beans

2 cups of tomato salsa (refer my black bean patties and see how to make tomato salsa)

chilli and cumin powders, and salt to taste added

then a generous heap of cilantro leaves added

Zucchinis washed, wiped and halved, then scooped out. Sprinkle a pinch of salt inside, leave for 10 minutes, it would have secreted some water inside, which, you wipe with a paper towel nicely.

Line a foil in the oven which is preheated to 400 degrees F (230 degrees C), and fill the zucchini hollows with the filling we have made

Top up with grated cheese

Cover with another foil, and bake for 25 minutes, then open the top foil and broil for 5 minutes, till the cheese on top becomes slightly golden in color

Here are the baked, stuffed Zucchinis, which look like boats.....Isn't this a nice alternative to burittos???

Serve with any soup of your choice.

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* Black beans can be replaced by rajma (red kidney beans) too.
*Any kind of cheese can be used, whatever is available
* Yellow squash can also be used in the place of zucchini.
*If poblano and jalapeno are not available, chop some green chillies and add.
* These stuffed zucchinis can be cut into half, as small pieces and they make a wonderful starter.


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