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This is a protein rich Dosa, loaded with nutrition. Instructions were given by my d-i-l, I followed it step by step, and here I am...sharing this healthy recipe...
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Quinoa - 1 1/2 cups
Split black urad - 3/4 cups
Methi seeds/ fenugreek - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Cooking oil to make the dosas

Recipe Cuisine: Fusion; Category: Breakfast / Dinner
Soaking time: 3-4  hours; Fermenting time: overnight; Cooking time: 3-4 minutes for each dosa

Yields 16-18 dosas

Measured Quinoa, black urad and methi seeds taken for soaking; other picture shows the batter , ground in a blender till smooth, salt to taste added, then mixed well

After overnight fermenting

Consistency should be like regular dosa batter

Heat a tawa, pour the batter in the center first, then spread it as thin as possible. Heat on medium, drizzle oil around. 

Dosa flipped over, oil not needed for this side now, cook the dosa  on the lowest till it gets crisp.

Serve the wonderful, protein-rich, highly nutritious Quinoa Dosa with Easy Tiffin Sambar and  Tomato-onion chutney

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* Compared to the regular dosa proportion, dhal is a bit more in this. The idea is to load more protein, moreover, this batter is easily ground in a blender, so, this much urad dhal is needed.
*Whole black urad can be used too
*If you want, use the whole skinned urad dhal, then the colour of the dosa will improve.
* Quinoa and dhal can be soaked over night too, so, in humid places like India, we can grind the batter in the morning, and by dinner time, it would have fermented well.


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