Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Here is a very famous mumbai street food....bread-channa!! Recipe and preparation by my daughter!!!
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Here is my Channa recipe

 Whole wheat Bread - 3 slices
Channa - 2-3 ladels
Fine sev - as needed
Onion - chopped, as needed
Coriander leaves
Chat masala - 1/2 tsp

Recipe Cuisine: Mumbai street food; Category: chat/snack/starter
Prep time: 10 mts; toasting time: 3 mts

Serves 1

Brown bread slices toasted and kept ready

Toasts cut into cubes

Cut bread pieces put in a serving bowl, and channa poured on top

Bread pieces covered fully

finely cut onions sprinkled over

chat masala sprinkled

fine sev sprinkled

now, coriander leaves...

Now, gobble!!!!!

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* Some green and sweet chutneys can be drizzled too.


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