Monday, July 1, 2019

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First of all.........all of you wish malpatskitchen "A Very Happy Birthday".
It's 4 years since this blog was born.....
It's my baby.....that's why, instead of calling Anniversary or Blogversary, I call it birthday!!!
How days have gone by....
days rolled on to months, months rolled on to years, and in a jiffy...4 years have flown by!!!
I have managed to carry this blog on for 4 years....for me, this  itself a great achievement!!!! I don't crave for things which are beyond my capacity, neither do I wish to compete with all the young and ambitious bloggers of today.....My aim of documenting whatever I know,  for the posterity is being accomplished!!!
This is the 574 th recipe....
out of which 39 are malpat's are all various recipes...tried and tested recipes, many heirloom recipes, many learnt from my mom, mother-in-law, elder sister and many elders of the family............all my own recipes , a few baked or north indian recipes from Tarla Dalal's ( for which due credit has been given) few continental recipes made by my daughter and daughter-in-law.....while I was with them in the US........, but nothing unlawfully copied or taken from others.........not a single picture taken from others' blogs or any other websites....good or bad, all are my clicks!!
Hope you are all giving me a big round of applause!!!!
I always love Shrikhands....
Have already posted 1. Kesar shrikhand 2. Mango shrikhand 3. Strawberry shrikhand 4. Orange shrikhand & 5. Banana shrikhand
And here comes yet another special Shrikhand to mark this special occasion!!!!

                                                  ROSE SHRIKHAND

Artificial food colors always pose a risk to our health, many medical reports have said, they cause Cancer, and very hazardous in many ways...
In our family, we love rose milk, the flavor of rose essence...but how to get this pink/rose color???
Beet juice.....low in fat, full of powerful anti oxidants, rich in Vitamin C and loaded with Vitamins and minerals, and totally drives away constipation.
I thought, why not use this for pink/rose color in shrikhand???
So, thats how, this beautiful looking, yummy Shrikhand was born!!!!

Hung curd, made from 6 cups of milk; How to make hung curd???
I small beet root
Brown sugar - 2-3 tsps
Nutmeg powder - a pinch
Rose essence - 1 tsp
Slivered almonds and pomegranate arils  for garnishing

Recipe cuisine: Indian; Category: Dessert
Prep time: Hung curd, made over night inside the fridge; Other preps: 5 mts; Cooking time: nil; 

Serves 2-3

A small beet root, washed, peeled, chopped and loaded in blender jar

Ground to a fine paste; if there are one or two small pieces, you can grate them and add or discard them

Hung curd put in a bowl; brown sugar and nutmeg powder added

Ground beets added too

1 tsp rose essence

The whole thing whisked well

Pomegranate and slivered almonds topped, chilled and served.

Enjoy this guilt free, healthy and yummy Shrikhand!!!

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* Honey can also be added, but I wanted the Rose Essence to predominate!!

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