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Aviyal...............meaning vegetables  boiled in water..........was supposed to have been invented by Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers, when they were in exile. He was with King Virata, as the chief cook. One day, they had unexpected guests, when he threw different chopped vegetables into the pot, and topped it with grated coconut...and this is how AVIYAL  was born.... In this, all vegetables are cut lengthwise. This dish is supposed to have originated from Kerala.



White Ash gourd  - 1 slice
Snake gourd - 1
Carrots - 1
Broad beans (avarakkai) - a handful
Field beans (Mochai) - 1/2 cup
Shelled peas - 1/2 cup
Chowchow (Chayote squash) - 1/2
Raw banana - 1/2
Potato - 1
Drumsticks - 2
Curds - 5 cups
Grated coconut - 1 cup
Green chillies - 5-6
Salt to taste
Coconut oil 1/4 - 1/2 cup
Rice flour - 2 tsps
Curry leaves

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Side dish for rice
Prep time: 20myts; Cooking time: 30mts

Serves 6

All vegetables cut uniformly

 Field beans, pressure cooked for 3 whistles, otherwise, it will not cook uniformly along with other vegetables

Never pressure cook the rest of the  vegetables. This is how I always cook them, and they are done to perfection. I put them directly into a pressure cooker, add some water,add the half cooked field beans also,  and then when the steam comes....

 I close the lid, and cover the vent with a small vessel and lower the flame. Open up after 10 - 15 minutes and check.

                                                   Beat up the curds without any lump.

Grated coconut, green chillies..ready to be ground.I add the rice flour too to this. (we can use any  millet flour also  instead of rice flour)

Ground nicely.

Add the ground paste to the curds and whisk well.

Curds and the ground mixture, whisked well

By now, the vegetables will be fully cooked. Add salt. Then switch off the stove. Slowly add the curds + paste mixture to it, gently stirring. If you have the flames  on, there are chances of the curds curdling.  A little later, I switch on again, keep it on very slow flames, and keep on stirring, taking care not to break the curds.

                                                               Done and switched off.

A lavish heap of curry leaves added, coconut oil heated and poured on top of the curry leaves. The flavour of the coconut oil and curry leaves will linger all over the house.

Enjoy with hot rice, papads and vegetable of your choice.


* Normally Yam (senai) is also added, but it does not agree with  my husband, and hence I avoid it.
* If you are using Yam (senai), half cook it separately, then add.


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