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Rainy lovely it is...sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds, small droplets falling on you, small puddles all over the road, an unwanted laziness, craving for a hot cup of coffee or tea.....along with Bhajjis, pakoras or bondas.........straight from the oil to your plate.....
This is what I did today....for lunch, I decided to make 7 kinds of Bhajjis with coconut chutney, and mixed up a curd rice. That's all. A guilty feeling pricking my heart.....but, once in a way, that is okay.
This Bhajji Platter is  going to be my entry for  Monsoon Mojo Event.

First on the top left is Coconut chutney, Ridgegourd  Bhajjis, Raw banana bhajjis, Chillies, Onion rings, Green bell pepper, Potato and Paneer.

 12 slices of ridgegourd
  6 slices of Raw banana
4 chillies
8 Onion rings
8 sliced bell peppers
8 slices of potato
8 slices of Paneer

For stuffing the chillies
Cooked and mashed potatoes - 2
Chilli powder - 3/4 tsp
salt to taste
Coriander leaves, washed and chopped
Hing powder - 1/4 tsp
Lemon juice - 1tsp

Lemon juice - 1 tsp to smear the inside of the chillies

For the batter
Besan flour - 4 cups
Chilli powder - 2 tsps
salt to taste
Rice flour - 4 tsps
Ajwain/Carom seeds/Omam - 1 tsp
Baking powder - 2 small pinches
Enough water to make it to  dosa batter  consistency

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Snacks
Prep time: 20mts; Cooking time: 30mts

Makes the number of bhajjis mentioned as slices.

Serves 6

All the mentioned ingredients for the batter

Chillies, washed, wiped, deseeded, and lemon juice smeared inside to reduce its spice

Paneer slices, marinated with salt and chilli flakes

Bellpepper and  ridgegourd sliced, onion cut into rings

Sliced potatoes in water

                                                         Sliced raw banana in water

Batter mixed to dosa batter  consistency. If it is too watery, it will take in  more oil and only a thin coating will be there on bhajjis. If it is too thick, then it won't be good, when we take a bite, it will be fully batter, then inside will be a thin layer of vegetable. So, the consistency of the batter is very very important.

Ridgegourd slices, dip into batter, making sure that both the sides are well coated, take it out gently,  then  slip it into the oil, and fry well.  Always remember, oil has to be really hot, otherwise, bhajjis will not puff up, and will also drink lot of oil.

Many do not make  Peerkangai / Ridgegourd bhajjis,  , but this is a real delicacy, extremely flavourful and tasty.

Ridgegourd / Peerkangai bhajjis with a cup of hot tea!

Potato bhajjis

Bell pepper bhajjis

Raw banana bhajjis

Paneer bhajjis

Onion rings

All the ingredients mentioned above for the potato stuffing, mixed well,  and stuffed  inside the slits of the chillies, then fried. Chilli bhajjis


* We cannot always measure the besan flour batter exactly. Sometimes, the vegetable slices will be there, and , in that case, we may have to mix some more batter. So, it is always good to keep the necessary flours, and spices handy.

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  1. Amazing as always Mala....with step-by-step photos and instructions, you make it easy for even a novice cook to attempt your dishes. Why wait for rain.....I am going to try it out right away!!

  2. Wow ! Tempting clicks that tantalize my taste buds. Can't wait to try them out soon ! Thank you Malpat for yet another fantastic recipe

  3. Slurp! Amazing platter of Bajjis,which are so inviting .Even a strict NO OIL dieter will have no seccond thought of devouring them! Lovely illustrated pictures description and introduction! I can almost feel the the crunchiness and aroma! ( V)

  4. The panneer bajjias seem life a fantatic idea. Certainly worth a try!

  5. absolutely yummy looking! I can feel the crispness of the bajji on the computer screen! well done!

  6. Looks fantastic Mala Akka! I wish you could send some to me. I know it is fried but it has it is healthy right? As always novel idea with peerkangai. Thanks for step by step instructions on the stuffed chilli ones. Great job

    1. Mala Akka - i made the chilli bajji but stuffed it with some spiced mashed potato :-) tasted good especially after removing the seeds and smearing lemon juice.


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