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Jeera / Cummin Seeds is a readily available spice in every Indian kitchen. I wonder whether people are aware of its health benefits. It improves digestion, rectifies digestive disorders, Jeera Kashayam is good for tummy ache, and also to know whether it is actual labour pain or false, it increases blood cell formation, reduces gas and increases appetite, attributes to the glow of the skin, aids in common cold and  helps kidney to function properly. This simple Jeera Rasam can be drunk like a soup too. Lot of curry leaves are  used in this rasam, which is again very good for stomach disorders ,  digestion and  improves hair growth.
Jeera is called "சீரகம்" in Tamil. "அகம். " means, inside our body, "சீர்" means, making it alright. 

Tamarind paste - 1 tsp, mixed with 4 cups water
                                                                Tomato - 1, chopped fine
                                                                Sambar powder - 1tsp
                                                                Hing - 1 solid piece
                                                                Salt to taste
                                                           For soaking and grinding
                                                                Jeera - 2 tsps
                                                                Tur dhal - 2 tsps
                                                                Black pepper - 1/2 tsp

                                                                For Seasoning
                                                                 Ghee - 2 tsps
                                                              Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
                                                               Jeera - 1/2 tsp

                                         Curry leaves 2 handfuls, one to grind along, and one, to season.

                                              Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Recipe Category: Rasams/Lunch
                                                           Prep time: 15 mts; Cooking time: 25mts
                                                                                   Serves 4

                                                Ingredients for soaking for half an hour

Mix tamarind paste to water, add chopped tomatoes, sambar powder, hing and salt to taste, allow to boil.

                         Ingredients for grinding put in the blender jar, along with curry leaves

                                   Ground paste

Add water to the ground paste

Rasam would have boiled and reduced to half. 

                               Fill upto the vessel level, this ground paste mixed with water. Switch off when it                                  becomes frothy.
                                Seasonings with curry leaves, in ghee

Pour on top of the Rasam.

                      Allow to settle down for some time, you will get crystal clear rasam for drinking.

* I have had this Rasam in Annalakshmi Restaurant, where they add tomatoes. Since Tomatoes is also good for health, I add that too nowadays.
*Can be stored in refrigerator after cooling down and used for 3-4 days.




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