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One month is over, since I started blogging.  And I wanted to share something very special with you all. I am going to share the art of making soft, fantastic sevai very easily. I made 3 varieties of Sevai   today, Lemon, Coconut and Black sesame seeds-jaggery Sevai. We can celebrate my 30th day of blogging with this Sweet Sevai!

                                                                LEMON SEVAI

                     COCONUT SEVAI
                                                SESAME SEEDS-JAGGERY SEVAI

                          This is the GREAT SEVAI NAAZHI, which is very very easy to operate!!!


2 cups Boiled rice, soaked in hot water for minimum 8 hours. Trust me, this soaking gives the softest sevai ever eaten. Then it has to be ground in grinder only at leasfor half an can grind in a grinder or blender,  Add little salt to it, then , add 2-3 tsps gingely oil to the batter. It has to be slightly thinner than the dosa batter. But should not be as thin as rava dosa batter, then the sevai will break into pieces, as you squeeze it out.
There is one more easier way too….you can make idlis out of this batter, put the steaming hot idlis into the sevai nazhi and make Sevai’s!
But honestly speaking, mixi + idli making combo is not as soft as the grinder + batter stirring process.

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Tiffin Variety
Prep time: 1/2 hour ; Cooking time: 40 minutes to one hour

Serves 4

Batter ready to be  stirred in to a thick dough consistency

    The toughest part is this. If you cross this obstacle, nothing to stop you from  eating  the softest Sevai, that too made out  of boiled rice, retaining its full aroma and flavour. Boiled rice has its own aroma..  You have to stir without stopping in between,  keeping the flames on low. You can, for awhile, keep it covered with a lid, and give a small break to your tired hands.

                    It should be 3/4 done. if it becomes  fully cooked,  then the sevai will become hard. That is, once it becomes thick, and leaves the sides,  you have to switch off. Like the Kozhukkattai dough, this should not change colour, and be fully cooked. The final sheen should not appear.

                                Transfer into another vessel, enabling it to cool down.

After it has cooled down, knead well, grease your palms with oil, shape them into oval shaped balls, and keep them on a greased steamer plate.

                                                                         Steam for 15 minutes.



                                            The cooked balls. Don't miss the glaze on the balls,                                                                                                  showing they are well cooked.

                     You have to squeeze them the moment they are done. It has to be very very hot. Put one ball into the sevai maker, after greasing its inside.You just have to steer the wheel of the sevai maker. No hard labour is involved. It is a child's play.


This sevai maker is superb. It has holes on the sides also, so, sevai comes out so easily.


                                                The soft, white, tasty Sevai is ready!

 Now, for the coconut sevai, in coconut oil, season hing powder, mustard seeds, channa dhal, broken urad dhal, green chillies and red chillies, add required amount of fresh grated coconut, add little bit salt, saute nicely and add to sevai.

For the Lemon sevai, in cooking oil, season  hing powder, mustard seeds, broken urad dhal, channa dhal, chopped green chillies, turmeric powder and add to the sevai. Add salt to taste, and also lemon juice.

Dry roast black sesame seeds. Add equal amount of jaggery & 1/4 tsp pf cardamom powder, blend to a powder in the small jar of the blender and add to the sevai. Drizzle 1-2 tsps of ghee also.

* With the ground boiled rice batter, even idlis can be made and squeezed. Earlier, even I used to do like that. But once I made this method, this is so good, I cannot revert to the old method. Definitely this method gives more quantity and softer Sevai too. Always, hard work pays, right???

*On festival days, if we want to do neivedhyam of Sevai, then we can use raw rice. 
*We can mix both boiled and raw rice and use too.
*White sesame seeds can also be used, but black is healthier.


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