Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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I have already posted  Lemon rasam, which you please refer under the  "Rasams" category. Only finally, some changes have to be made. That's all.
Before adding the cooked tur dhal, some ingredients have to be roasted, powdered and added to the dhal.

Ingredients to be roasted in ghee and powdered

Red chillies - 2
Pepper - 1tsp
Jeera - 1tsp
Channa dhal - 2 tsps
Coriander seeds - 2 tsps
Solid hing - 1 piece

For seasoning
Ghee - 1tsp
Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Lunch
Prep time: 10mts; Cooking time: 15mts; 

Serves 4

The powdered ingredients

                                                    Powder added to cooked dhal

mixed well without lumps

added to the rasam, then lemon juice added, seasoning done.



  1. My husband is an ardent fan of varieties of rasams. He was so gleeful when he went thru this "special" rasam he is so fond of. Thanks for posting this Mala.(v)


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