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                                                   NAVARATHRI - DAY 7 (She is called Chandika)

Why it is called beaten rice flakes??? Parboiled rice are beaten up, then left to dry for 2 days. During this process, fermentation takes place, which fortifies Poha with probiotic bacteria. Beaten rice is rich in iron, and hence is very good for anaemic persons.
Why I chose to make Kesari with Beaten Rice? Sometimes, Semolina is hard on tummy, it takes quite some time to digest. Hence I wanted to try this method. Earlier, I had made with whole Poha, but the moment you add sugar, however softly cooked the Poha is, the flakes will become hard and big. This method suits me perfect, a very tasty, and at the same time, Healthy sweet!


Poha/Beaten rice - 1/2 cup (the thick variety)
Water - 1 1/8 cups
Sugar - 2 tsps less than 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Ghee - 3 tsps
Cashews 6, broken
Saffron - 1/2 tsp, soaked in 4 tbsps milk

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Sweets; Neivedhyam
Prep time: 5 mts; Cooking time: 10 mts;

Yields 3-4 small cups

Dry roast Poha, keeping the flames on the lowest, till they become light golden in colour and release aroma.

Allow it to cool down, after switching off...and...

Blend to a coarse powder, resembling Sooji/semolina/rava

Keep a pan, pour the measured water and set to boil.

Add the saffron, soaked in warm milk and cardamom powder. This Kesari is naturally coloured, no artificial food colourings.

When the water boils, lower the flames, add the coarse poha, and keep stirring constantly.

Getting cooked well

                             Now add the sugar, keep stirring..simmer it..and in the mean time...

Roast the cashews in ghee

also roast the raisins, add both 

Stir well, it will leave the sides and take the shape of a mass

Serve it hot, and it tastes yum!!!


  1. One more method of making kesari, is definitely looks welcoming sweet dish. The texture looks almost like halwa glistening with ghee! Yum!! Can,t wait to make it !


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