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The name itself is so symbolic...this koottu consists of 7 vegetables. Though, in these modern times, we can add whatever vegetable we want to, it is customary to use these vegetables in this Koottu. The method is the same as Ashgourd puli koottu.
But still, I thought, I will present stepwise pictures.....


These are the vegetables.....Cubed yellow pumpkin, cubed white pumpkin, sweet potato, snake gourd, broad beans, raw banana and a cup of field beans (Mochai). All the vegetables are roughly 3/4 cup in each variety

Tur dhal - 1 heaped cup
Tamarind paste - 1 1/4 tbsps
Sambar powder - 4 tsps
Green chillies, slit - 2
Solid hing - 2 pcs
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Grated coconut - 4 tsps
Salt to taste
Gingely oil - 2 tsps
Mustard seeds =- 1 tsp
Channa dhal - 2 tsps
Curry leaves - handful

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Festival delicacy/lunch
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: 20 mts

Serves 4-5

In a broad mouthed pan, add all the vegetables, pour water till they comfortably immerse, add curry laves, slit green chillies, 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder, tamarind paste, sambar powder, and allow to cook

Pressure cook tur dhal with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, in the same cooker, keep the field beans separately in a cup, and cook both. Because, all the other vegetables will get cooked in the pan, but field beans takes a longer time

Add the cooked field beans also to the other boiling vegetables, enabling the field beans to take in all the flavours.

Check whether the vegetables are cooked. Sweet potato is the hardest one, so, if that is cooked, rest would be cooked for sure. Add salt

Add the grated coconut also.

Seasoning done

Pour on top of the koottu

Offer it to Lord Shiva, along with Kali.

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