Friday, January 1, 2016

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Who does not like Masala Dosa??? Everybody loves...even though we make it at home, when we eat out also, invariably we order masala dosa. For dosa batter look here.
And to make masal, refer here.

Here is the masal.
                                            It should be in this thick consistency.

Heat the tava, spread the batter to a thin dosa. Drizzle oil around it.

Drizzle 1/2 tsp of ghee also. Like the plain dosa, you do not have to flip the dosa. After it gets roasted , at this stage, keep the flames on low...and...

keep the  2-3 tbsps masal in the center. 

Fold it in half

and serve with sambar, or chutney of your choice. Look at the beautiful golden colour!!!

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  1. Masala dosa is my all time favorite. As u put in whenever I go a hotel invariably I order masala dosa. The recipe given by you has produced marvelously crafted golden discs which are enticing to look as well as to consume! Wow!

  2. I must say too that Masal Dosai is one of Favourites! Beautifully made! Mouthwatering:-) Kalpana Anand


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