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Amma.(in Tamil)...maa.........maathaji.....maiya.(in Hindi) mom...mommy...mama... (in English)..Madre (in Spanish)....Maman (in French)....Haha (in Japanese). Mammam (in Latin), Mamochka  (in Russian).......she has several names like this....Think of her names in so many  various it any it any name......she is the universal MOTHER..... "A Rose by any other name would smell sweet" says, however a mother is called, wherever she lives, she is to be saluted!!! Mother tongue, Motherland...these words show the great value and importance the word "Mother" has....
Aadhi Shankaracharya has composed the very touching and emotional Maatru Panchakam about Mother, various tamil and hindi songs glorify her with their sentimental lyrics....
Whenever there is any difficulty, whenever we are tired, when we experience some pain....without our knowledge we say "AMMA".....
"The significance of Motherhood is not in the biological process, but in the willingness to include another life as a part of yourself" says Sadhguru of Isha Yoga. He also says, this is the time to be grateful and appreciate not only our Mothers, but every single aspect of Creation.
A Mother always knows her kids' minds and thoughts........."Tuje sab hai patha meri maa"     तु झे   सब    है    प ता   मे री   माँ a song from a hindi movie, which left the audience with a pang in their hearts.......
In Varanasi, the abode of Lord Shiva, situated on the banks of Ganges, (she is known as Ganga maatha ), when we do the rituals for our ancestors, we have to offer  one cooked  rice ball (pindams)  for each  relative,  but...but...only for a Mother, one has to offer 16!!! these are for the hardships she underwent during her pregnancy, child birth and for upbringing the child..... Isn't that amazing???

"அம்மா என்றழைக்காத உயிரில்லையே" is a very soulful song, which brings tears to everyones eyes....
You know why I chose to post Mango Lassi  on this special day??? Mother, most of the times is sweetness personified  like the fresh and ripe mangoes, at times is tough,( like the pinch of salt present here), whenever she has to be strict  with her children when they are not treading  on the right path, is always a cooling,  soothing balm to the troubled minds, like how the cool curds is to the troubled tummy,   and like the flavorful cardamom powder, always her good qualities stand apart!!!
And.....we are all  well aware.......nobody can ever replace HER!!!

                                                 Maa Tuje Salaam!!! Amma tuje Salaam!!!

Fresh curds - 2 cups, whisked well, if need be, some water added
Chopped mango - 1
Sugar - 4 tsps
Salt - a pinch
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp

Recipe Cuisine: Indian; Category: Cold beverage
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: nil

Yields 2 glasses

Puree the mango pieces with salt, sugar and cardamom powder

the puree

Take the curds in a jar, and on top, add the above puree, and blend well.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and.....

serve it chilled!!!

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*"Lassi" means, a sweet or savory yogurt based drink, mostly served chilled
*When mangoes are not in season, this cool lassi can be made with tinned mango puree also.
*Any sweet variety of mango can be used.

Can I expect a word of comment from all  Mothers??


  1. Great ma..�� I feel it because YOU have made me feel a mother's affection in you. Every time your love has been the rays of hope for a better and a new beginning��.Love you to the core ma....��

  2. Great ma..�� I feel it because YOU have made me feel a mother's affection in you. Every time your love has been the rays of hope for a better and a new beginning��.Love you to the core ma....��

    1. Thanks Pradeepa. Always my love and blessings for u

  3. What a fitting tribute to the motherhood!!! Hands down for the wonderful intro,which brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.i am perplexed for which I should attribute my compliments,for the smooth flowing golden words about mother or the silky sweetness of mango yogurt which personifies the glory of king of fruits?Any way my appreciation goes to both as this recipe is very well depicted on the Mother's Day! Thanks for bringing out the essence of MANGO and MAA in this special edition.

  4. Wah! Wah! Very true Mala Perima, a mother is a blessing to each child. Very lucky to have such a dedicated mother. And even luckier to have you as my Perima. Mango lassi looks delicious.

  5. Happy Mothers Day To the best mom in the world! Love you Amma ! Growing up with you as a mom has been amazing...the unconditional love, affection and of course the delicious delicacies you would make for us all the time! Another great recipe Amma!

  6. Both the write up and the recipe are wonderful like u.

  7. superb amma..happy mothers day to you and thank you for all the amazing memories over the years with such wonderful and delicious recipes that we grew up with!


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