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                                    Malpats Kitchen Turns ONE today!!!
       Time and tide wait for year has passed by so soon........ looks like I started this blog very recently, was an  absolute  novice, not knowing  many things about blogging......(Not that I know everything now!!) not knowing the nuances.....have improved to a certain extent, have learnt quite a few things....... but still in the process of learning..learning..learning......still, a very very  loooooong way to go!!!
Little did I realize, I am going to jump into this  ornate, colorful, the in-thing-of the-day  bandwagon of  food bloggers.............
I am reminded of a tamil poem I recently came across in a magazine, I have given the translated version, and also inserted  few lines of mine:

When I was wearing skirt & blouse, I had the desire to become like the elder-girl next door!
In seventh grade, I had the dream to become a teacher!
While doing undergrad, wore black gown in my dreams and argued in the  Court, saying Mylord!!
Then wore a stethoscope and treated patients! became a surgeon  and was busy in the operation theater!!!
Within my heart, I became an Industrialist, a CEO, a photographer, a fashion designer  and many more.....
But.....God willed otherwise!!!
 My passion for cooking increased to a greater  level.........and what do I do now???
I enter the kitchen with camera on one hand and ladle on the other!!! Thank God...I have only 2 hands.....and.....
I season kuzhambu, make rasam,  koottu, aviyal, pulavs...rotis...raitas...desserts...think of innovative recipes........and...... share healthy recipes with you all............and...and..... wait for your valuable comments!!!!
 But, I am happy,I am proud.......... Malpatskitchen is rich with several recipes  now....has  produced     tried and tested  244   recipes 365 days......hope you all have been enjoying them!! Most important factor is..............what all I know are being documented for the posterity!!
 Food is the one thing, which always connects us to the family, the past generations,the people  we loved and love  most and cared and care for!!!! Food is an easy mode of transport  for us to travel to the past in no time, and  relive and cherish   the childhood memories of  not only   the food made by grandmas and mom..........but also  various incidents connected to it....... and Food keeps the strings of  bondage intact and protects those connections always, preserving our traditions.

To mark the first birthday of Malpatskitchen, here is a special chilled dessert for you all!!

"Ras" means juice, and "Malai' means, Cream. So, Rasmalai the all-time favourite of many across the world,  means, juicy paneer balls soaked in sweetened , creamy milk. Many love bengali sweets, because, unlike south indian sweets which are high in calories due to the sugar and ghee used, these are very mild, no ghee and less sugar. This delicacy is very famous in Bangladesh and Pakistan too.


For the balls
Crumbled home-made paneer from 6 cups of milk (3%)
Water - 3 cups
Sugar - 3 tbsps

For the milk
Milk - 5 cups
Condensed milk - 2 tbsps
Sugar - 1/3 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Saffron strands

For garnish
Finely chopped pistachios 
Few more saffron strands

Recipe Cuisine: Bengali ;  Category: Desserts
Prep time: 20mts; cooking time: 45 mts

Yields 18 Rasmalais

The crumbled paneer, kneaded very well, nearly for 15 minutes, till your palm becomes greasy

Small balls made, then slightly flattened and kept ready. While making these balls, you need a knack to roll them softly, gently but firmly so that they will not disintegrate

Keep the water in a pressure pan, add 3 tbsps sugar and wait for the water to come to boiling point

Gently drop the flattened balls to the sugar water, and this can be cooked in 3 ways:
1. Close cooker lid, when steam comes out, lower flames, and like idlis, cook for 10 mts.
2. Put the weight, and on high flames, cook for 2 whistles.
3. When the mixture starts boiling, close the lid, flames to the lowest, put the weight and cook for 10 minutes. 1 whistle might come.

After getting cooked, they will resemble a white flower, all joined together like this. Gently separate them with a spoon.

Allow the milk to boil with saffron strands and cardamom powder

Keep the condensed milk and sugar ready. When milk reduces a bit, add these, allow to simmer and switch off. Transfer to another bowl

milk transferred

flattened balls would have cooled down by now, gently keep each ball between 2 spoons and gently press the sugar syrup out.

Then drop one by one into the milk, prepared

Garnish lavishly with some more saffron and the chopped pista pieces, and refrigerate.

Serve these chilled rasmalais and enjoy!!

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*I have made this a very very mild dessert. If you feel, you need more  sweetness, add some more sugar.
* Some people add more sugar to the syrup , but I chose this method. I added very very little sugar for the syrup, and to the milk added some sugar. You can choose to do whatever  suits you.

*Malpats kitchen  hopes to receive your wonderful Anniversary  wishes-cum-comments  on this memorable day!!!


Cook the rasmalais the usual way

Then grind 1 medium sized chopped and cooked beetroot, add to the well condensed milk, to which you have added sugar. Drop the cooked rasmalais into the milk gently, so that they will absorb the milk. Now,  add beet puree, so that the rasmalais can take in the pink color, while getting soaked.. . Then add Organic rose essence. Chill and serve.


If you do not mind the artificial color and essence, you can go ahead and add.


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary Malpat's Kitchen. Thank you for one year of mouth watering recipes!!!

  2. Happy anniversary wishes for your blog Amma. I was there when you nervously made your first blog post. And you have become a professional blogger now. Wishing the blog my very best and years of delicious recipes!

  3. Happy colorful and eventful 1 st anniversary!! In such a short of span you have achieved a wonderful tag of a renowned blogger who churns out simple yet appealing dishes for the readers! The anniversary dish is a fit tribute to your hard work for bringing out the best creativity in you. Thanks for the ever rich presentation and illustration!

  4. Hi Mala Akka...Congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog. I continue to be amazed by your creativity. Beautiful recipes and stories! So much commitment. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Kalpana Anand


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