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Dahi Puri..............the famous chat item, which is also a Mumbai street food, is the one which soothes everybody's it kids or be it adults, I  have not come across anyone  who does not like this...the crunchy puris, filled with the benign probiotic yogurt inside, with some spice powders,the whole  taste accentuated with the spicy and sweet chutneys.....this is really a superb snack or main meal, however you wish.....we can serve it as a starter too before a lunch or dinner.
Please see here for the green chutney and here for the  sweet chutney. If you want to make the green chutney without onions, please refer bhelpuri, wherein I have illustrated this.

Small puris - 36
Sev - a small packet
Green chutney, as required
Sweet chutney, as required
Potatoes - 3, cooked, peeled and chopped into tiny pieces
Soaked and cooked channa - 1 1/2 cups
Chilli powder, as needed
Roasted jeera powder - as needed
Chat masala - as needed
Thick yogurt / curds - 8 cups, whisked well with 3 tbsps sugar and salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Recipe Cuisine: North Indian; Category: Chat item/snack/starter
Prep time: 15 mts; Cooking time: nil

Serves 6-8

Make the chutneys in advance. This makes the work easier.

Picture below shows the Green chutney, Sweet chutney, chilli powder, roasted jeera / cumin powder and the chat masala powder

Cooked channa

Cooked potato pieces

Crunchy sev

Whisked curds

First, gently tap the lighter side of the puri, make a small hole, and keep a small potato piece inside

then a couple of channas

Fill up the sweet chutney

Now, all the three spice powders mentioned above

Fill a generous amount of the sweet and salty yogurt inside

Sprinkle some crunchy sev on top

Drizzle some spicy green chutney on top

Garnish with fresh coriander / cilantro leaves

Serve these crunchy, sweet and spicy Dahi Puris as a starter, snack, for lunch or dinner, and leave your guests open mouthed!!! (this way, they can eat the dahi puris easily)!!!

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*We can use cooked green gram also instead of kabuli channa. Some protein added, that's all.


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