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Cajun (ponounced as Kay-zhun) means, a group of French Colonists, settled in southern parts of Louisiana, and their cuisine is known as Cajun Creole cuisine.
This recipe has been picked by my d-i-l from a book by Lindsay Nixon , called "Happy Herbivore".
It was so easy to make this dish, and it had tonnes of nutrition too. It has collard greens, which is loaded with vitamins and minerals,but very low in calories,  and it has corn meal (coarsely ground maize flour), which is also very nutritious.
This is a Vegan and Gluten-free recipe.


For the Corn bread :

Dry Ingredients
Cornmeal - 1 1/4 cup
                                                           Baking powder - 1 1/2 tsps
Cajun seasoning - 2 tsps(Cajun seasoning consists of red chillies, coriander seeds and Cumin seeds)
Salt to taste

Wet Ingredients
Olive oil - 2 tbsps
Apple sauce - 1  cups
Soy milk/regular milk/buttermilk - 1/2 cup

For the vegetable layer
Olive oil - 2 tsps
Onion - 1, chopped fine
Cauliflower - 1, small, cut into florets
Red bell pepper - 1, small, chopped
Garlic - 6 pods, chopped
Collard greens - 2 cups, chopped
Tomato - 3, pureed
Red kidney beans - 1 1/2 cups, soaked & cooked
Cajun seasoning - 2 tsps
Salt to taste

Recipe Cuisine: International; Category: Lunch/Dinner
Prep time: 30 mts; Baking time: 30 mts; Cooking time: 20 mts

Serves 6

Heat olive oil in a pan, and add garlic and onion pieces

add the cauliflower now and keep sauteeing

After the cauliflower softens a bit, add the collard greens, close with a lid and continue to cook, adding some salt

Now, add the chopped red bell peppers

The red kidney beans and the pureed tomatoes, mix well, allow to simmer till the tomato puree loses its raw flavor and keep aside

Take the above mentioned dry ingredients in a bowl

Add the wet ingredients, and whisk to a smooth paste

like this

Take an oven proof bowl, grease it lightly. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (230 degrees C), and layer the vegetable curry

Now top it up with the wet batter we have made, sprinkle some cajun seasoning over it, and bake for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes of baking

Sprinkle some cheese over, microwave for 10-15 seconds and serve hot (as shown in the topmost picture)

What a healthy portion this is!!!

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* If Cajun seasoning is not available, add chilli powder mixed with coriander and cumin powders
 * In the place of Collard greens, spinach can be used.
* This recipe comes out very good with buttermilk also.
* If apple sauce is not available, cook an apple in water, mash it to a smooth puree and use.


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