Saturday, May 13, 2017

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"The heart of a Mother is an abyss, at the bottom of which always lies forgiveness" is a very very famous quote.
Well.....this is Summer......from March to June, almost all the parts of India go thru the hottest days. Scorching summer , sweat, humidity and sweltering heat are the topics everywhere. Hot winds plus  Sun, the center-star of the Solar system  are the two things that take our energy out and leave us fully drained. Now is the special "Kathiri",here is a simple, delectable  dish, very very easy to make,
Everybody gets a craving to eat the cold Ice cream.....but that's not good for health..all the weight-watchers will avoid it..and for all those calorie-concerned people, here is the Strawberry Shrikhand, chilled, sliding down your throat, with the goodness of strawberries...which reduce heart diseases, reduce the risk of stroke and Cancer, they negate the effect of Sodium in one's body and thus reduce blood pressure, minimize constipation, are a smart fruit-choice for diabetics and very essential for pregnant women.
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Please look into my Hung Curd Sandwich and Kesar Shrikhand

Hung/strained curd from 2 1/2 cups fresh yogurt
Fresh Strawberries - 12-14
Organic cane sugar - 6-7 tsps
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Few pistas for garnishing

Recipe Cuisine: North Indian; Category; Dessert
Prep time: 10 mts; Curds straining time: Over night; Cooking time: nil

Serves 2

Hung curd and Organic cane sugar put in a vessel

Cardamom powder added

About 8 strawberries going to be pureed

Strawberry puree also added

All together, whisked to a creamy consistency.

Refrigerate  for a couple of hours, and serve, garnished with a few chopped pieces of strawberries and pistas.

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*This can become a side for Poori or Chapathi too.


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