Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Chalupa is a Mexican speciality food, wherein, small , concave shaped flattened dough is fried, let to cool down, then filled with various fillings....veggies and sauces.....
Here's a special recipe of my daughter, as usual, she made it so healthy with loads of fillings....
We made bhatura, and used for the outer covering.
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Bhaturas - 20
Tomatoes -  8-10, chopped
Lettuce - 6 cups, shredded
Red kidney beans - 4 cups, cooked and mashed with salt to taste
Cheese sauce from 1 cup shredded cheese ( Boil 2 cups milk with 2 tbsps flour and 2 tbsp butter, when it starts boiling, add in the cheese, allow it to melt and switch off)
Tofu - 2-3 cups, crumbled and roasted in 2 tsps olive oil with chilli powder, cumin/jeera powder and salt to taste, till it turns golden in color
Hot sauce - as needed

Recipe Cuisine: International/Mexican; Category: Lunch/Dinner
Prep time: 20 mts; Cooking time: For making bhaturas, cheese sauce, crumbled tofu, refried beans etc all together - 1 hour (Bhaturas can be made early and after cooling , refrigerated). 

Serves 6-8
Here are the various fillings below...Lettuce, shredded fine, tomatoes, chopped fine, hot sauce, cheese sauce, the refried beans, aka, cooked and mashed up red kidney or black beans, crumcled and roasted tofu

If you made the bhaturas early and refrigerated them, then toast them for 5 minutes in an oven, so that they will become crisp. Then lay them on a plate.

Then keep the refried beans filling in the center. You can keep 2-3 tbsps as a generous filling

Then the chopped tomatoes

Now, the shredded lettuce

Keep the crumbled and roasted tofu on top

Drizzle the warm cheese sauce over the fillings

Look at these healthy mounds...delectable, right??

Then pour some hot sauce over it.

Gently fold, take in hand and bite and enjoy!!!

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* You can skip tofu if you don't like it , can replace with some crumbled and roasted paneer. In that case, we can call them Indo-mexican Chalupas!!!


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