Saturday, May 29, 2021

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This is such a  wonderful tasting Lassi, with all natural color and essence.
Nowadays, I am quite against all artificial colors and essences, at times they affect your throat.
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Fresh and thick curds - 2 cups
A very small beetroot - chopped
Salt - 1/8 tsp
Brown sugar - 2-3 tsps
Organic rose essence - 1 tsp

Recipe cuisine: Indian; Category: Dinner/lunch/welcome drink
Prep time: 5 mts; Cooking time: nil

Serves 2

Chopped beetroot pieces loaded into the blender jar

And ground to a smooth paste

Curd taken in another big blender jar , sugar and salt and the ground beet paste (it's at the bottom) added

Now goes in the Rose essence

All blended, chilled and served!!!

Look at this amazing lunch!!! Grilled veg-cheese sandwiches, cut mangoes and Rose lassi...Isn't it heavenly???

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