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Have you heard of this Sevai??? This is yet another signature dish from my Salem Home!!! As far as I know, haven't seen people making this...But I have made a slight modification. In My home, they use white whole urad...I have used black split urad...we all know what immense nutrition is tucked under the skin!!! More so, the urad with skin has a special flavour and aroma too.

Sevai - made from 1 1/4 cups of rice (Refer here for Sevai batter and making instructions)
Split black urad - 1/2 cup (soaked for an hour and drained)
Green chillies - 3
Red chillies - 3
Asafoetida / hing powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste

To Season
Gingely or cooking oil - 3 tsps
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Curry leaves

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian; Category: Tiffin
Prep time: 20 mts; (Sevai batter grinding, making dough and squeezing out not included);
 Cooking time: 30 mts

Serves 2-3

Urad dhal soaked

First, salt, green and red chillies along with salt to taste, ground to a coarse paste.....

then, soaked and drained urad is added and pulsed to a coarse mixture

Steam this mixture in greased idli plates for 15 minutes

Keep  aside to cool down after steaming them

Break them into small pieces

Crumble with hand or pulse in the blender just once. Add curry leaves

Heat oil in a pan and season mustard seeds

Add the crumbled urad dhal mixture, keep the flames on the lowest, saute till they become grainy, without sticking to each other as small lumps

like this

Add it on top of the sevai which has been squeezed and let to cool down a bit

    Mix well and serve with vedikka vitta more kuzhambu or coconut chutney. Don't forget a bowl of fresh curds!!

White urad sevai

Make paruppu usili, and add to the plain sevai. Just make plain paruppu usili, sans the vegetable

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*Nowadays, this kind of home-made sevai is a rarity. Store counters are inundated with varieties of instant sevais and already cooked sevais.....but nothing can be at par with such home-made sevai!

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