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This Mumbai street food Grilled Masala Sandwich is a sumptuous snack, filled with various fresh veggies, perked up by the flavour of green chutney, gently sprinkled with the home-made sandwich masala powder, and it keeps you filled for many hours.

Whole wheat bread slices - 8
Green chutney - as required
Low fat butter - as required for spreading
Potato - 1, boiled and sliced into rounds
Tomato - 1, sliced into thin rounds
Onion - 1, sliced into thin rounds
Green, red and yellow bell peppers - few strips in each colour
Sandwich masala powder (recipe to follow) - 1 tsp

Recipe Cuisine:North Indian; Category: Breakfast/lunch/dinner
Prep time: 10 mts; Grilling time: 20 mts
Recipe source: Tarla Dalal, slightly  modified

Yields 4 grilled sandwiches

All the above mentioned veggies kept ready

Sandwich masala powder, freshly made

Spread butter on one slice and the green chutney on the other. Keep the slices ready

On the buttered slices, keep potato slices and sprinkle sandwich masala powder

Then, keep onion slices and on top, keep tomato slices

On the chutney smeared slices, spread all three coloured bell pepper strips. If you are not confident of turning these slices on top of the other, then.....

you can line them up on tomato slices, then close the chutney slice over the other one

Smear some butter on the top side of the closed slice

Then keep one on the electric toaster, close and toast till the slice becomes golden brown

Serve them hot with green chutney, tomato ketchup.....and a glass of chilled mango lassi...Isn't it a wholesome filling meal???

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*If  you want, a slice of cheese or layer of  cheese gratings can become the top layer.
*Cucumber can also go in, I avoid them since it is allergic to some in my family
*If you need it to be spicier, add some chilli flakes
*In the mumbai beaches, those people used to make it with the single toaster, which we use on the gas stove. But it is ages since I have eaten like that...probably, things would have changed now, and they themselves might have electric toasters!!!


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