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This is a summer special sandwich...
The cool, thick curds/yogurt, with the crunchy bell peppers give you such a satisfaction, and it is a very very moist sandwich. It will not choke your throat, you do not need any ketchup or chutney to go with.

Whole wheat bread slices - 8
Thick yogurt/curds - 1 cup
Green bell pepper - 1/4 cup, chopped
Red bell pepper - 1/4 cup, chopped
Tomato - 1, sliced
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste
Kasuri methi - 2 tsps, crushed
Red chilli flakes, as needed

Amul butter, 2 tsps, for the grilled sandwiches

Recipe Cuisine: Indian/continental; Category: Lunch/dinner/evening tea
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: NIL
Recipe Source: Tarla Dalal, modified
For grilled sandwiches: as required

Serves 2

Curds put in a fine sieve/strainer and left in the fridge overnight,  till all the water in the curds drain completely. You must definitely leave it atleast for 5-6 hours, incase you forget to put it overnight

Look at the thick get a doubt , whether it is a scoop of Vanilla ice cream!!!

Add salt  and pepper powder

Add the finely chopped bell pepper pieces and the well crushed kasuri methi

Mix well

Trim the edges of the bread slices.

Spread the curd mixture thickly on both the slices

On one slice, keep the tomato slices, sprinkle some chilli flakes

Close with the other slice

Cut into triangles

For the Grilled sandwich

Spread some amul butter on the outer sides of 2 slices. There is no need to trim these slices, then on one inner side, spread the curd mixture, layer some tomato slices, sprinkle some chilli flakes, and close with the other slice, taking care to keep the buttered side out

Hear a grill pan, spray some olive oil, keep the sandwich, and keep the weight, so that it will get pressed well.Flames on the lowest, take care to see and turn when the bottom side becomes golden in color.

With a pizza cutter, slice the grilled sandwich, and serve with Rainbow Summer Salad ( recipe to follow)

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*boiled sweet corn can be added
* Cucumber slices can also be kept.
*Or, some grated cucumbers can be added to the curd mixture.
* Hung curd is a very good replacement for mayonnaise.
* A variation can be made, by applying green chutney on one side, and curd mixture on the other.


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