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 Here are my other Raita varieties

Learnt this new variety of Raita from a close relative of mine...but had my own twists mixed too!!!

Goes very well with Pulavs.... Here, this tasty raita is paired with Beet Pulav!

Thick, creamy fresh curds/yogurt - 2-3 cups
Big sized bajji chilli - 1
Pearl onions - 6-7, finely chopped
Chopped green bell pepper - 2 tbsps
Chopped red bell peppers - 2 tbsps
Coriander/cilantro leaves - a handful, washed and cleaned
Salt to taste

To season
Ghee - 3 tsps
Jeera - 1 tsp

For garnishing
Pomegranate arils
Some cilantro

Recipe cuisine: Indian; Category: Lunch/dinner/raitas
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: 5 mts

Serves 2-3

One Bajji chilli, washed, wiped and kept ready

Then chopped fine

Heat a pan with 1 tsp ghee, saute the chopped bajji chilli pieces

Then, after it cools down, load this along with coriander leaves into a blender jar

and grind to a smooth paste

Add this ground paste along with salt to taste , to the whisked fresh curds

Heat a pan again with some ghee, season jeera

Add the chopped pearl onion pieces and saute till they turn translucent

Add the bell pepper pieces and saute

Add this to the curd, to which ground paste has been added

Mix well

Raita, garnished with cilantro and pomegranate, served with beet pulav

To preserve the flavor of the Bajji chillies, green chilli hasnt been added while grinding. If you need more spice, you can add 1 

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