I am Mala Thiagarajan, a devoted wife, loving mother and fond grandma of three grandkids. I love cooking, it is a passion for me. I learnt cooking at the age of 13, when there was no blender, no grinder etc, but I was fortunate enough to be tutored by my mom and my elder sister.

My native place is Salem. Our home is very famous for being very hospitable, and there are many people who came to our home to taste the lovely dishes made by my mom and sister, and to enjoy their hospitality. This noble quality has been imbibed by me too, and I continue their tradition proudly!!

I got married into a Tanjore family, settled in Chennai, learnt many Thanjavur recipes from my mother in law, and I feel proud to say that I follow many recipes of hers. My father-in-law was a great foodie, a connoisseur, and it is because of his criticisms and accolades, malpatskitchen is born!!
So, on the whole, the merge of Salem and Thanjavur has only increased my passion for cooking.

My son and daughter live abroad, so visiting them has expanded the horizon of my culinary interests, and I love Mexican and Italian food too, have learnt many from my daughter and daughter in law.

Earlier, my blog was started with the name www.malasrecipes.com, a little later, to fulfill my grandkids'  wish, the name has been changed to www.malpatskitchen.com
My grandkids fondly call me "Malpat" and they love my food! Hence my recipes, loved by my children and grand children, will reach you all from malpatskitchen

So, here is my simple Blog, through which I want to share a few tried and tested recipes. I am sure you will enjoy this!!

Please get back to me through thiagamala@gmail.com , incase you like my recipes. Thank you.
Also, try to leave as many comments as possible for my recipes, which will motivate me, make me cook more and more new recipes and share with you all!!!