Sunday, July 9, 2017

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          Phulkas, carrot-onion curry, Tur-moong dhal, Aam ras and curds/yogurt

Various kinds of lunch menus are going to be  gradually added in.
Consists of both South and North Indian thaalis........often we wonder, there should be someone at home, to suggest various menus. We are at times, perplexed as to "What to cook?". That is a million dollar question....
Don't worry........Malpat is going to do that job for you. From now on, you can look at these thaalis, plan your menu, buy vegetables accordingly and finish everything in a jiffy. Always, it is the planning which takes longer time. Executing plans is much easier.
Please check my glossary for any unknown terms.

1. Phulkas/Rotis
2.  Carrot-onion Curry The link leads you to Mixed veg curry. Ingredients are the same, I have just made out of Carrot)
3. Tur-moong dhal
4. Aam Ras
5. Curds/yogurt/dahi

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