Monday, July 6, 2020

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Paan a real delicacy!!!
I have seen Paan kulfis, Paan, icecreams etc...So, I thought, why not try Paan Shrikhand which is harmless and healthy???
I referred to Tarla Dalal's Paan masala powder, and Lo!!! here comes the yummy and so tasty!!!
Please check my Betel leaves rice too!
* Betel leaves are very good in treating cold.
*excellent for digestion
*It is originally a plant from Malaysia which came to Asia too
*Betel leaves have an element called "Chavicol" which has germ killing qualities
*It's very good to treat dandruff and hair falling problems and helps get strong tresses
*Ayurveda says, it's very good for skin too, leaves can be ground with turmeric and milk and used as a face pack.
I have already posted 6 kinds of Shrikhands, please check them too.
1. Rose shrikhand
2. Banana shrikhand
3. Orange shrikhand
4. Mango honey shrikhand
5. Strawberry shrikhand
6. Kesar shrikhand

Hung curds made from 4-5 cups curd . How to make hung curd???Check here
Betel leaves - 6
Dried rose petals - 1/8 cup
Saunf - 3/4 tbsp
Cardamom - 3
Kalkandu - 3 tbsps
Brown sugar - 3 tbsps
Few pistachios, chopped for garnishing

Recipe cuisine: Indian; Category: Dessert
Prep time: Hung curd - overnight; other preps: 10 mts; Mixing: 5-7 mts

Yields 3 small cups

betel leaves torn, leaving the stem and the center portion and loaded in the blender jar, along with saunf and cardamom

dried rose petals and kalkandu added

Now, brown sugar

The thick hung curd, put in a bowl

All the ingredients ground to a fine paste

The thick hung curd put in a bowl

Ground paste added

and whisked well, and left in the fridge to chill, where it thickens more

Served after garnishing pista, chopped

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