Friday, April 16, 2021

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 Why buy store bought paneer, when it can be made at home?  ....with no hassels..... it becomes more economical too for us!

There is no need to use full fat milk. I have used 3% Aavin milk, and the results are awesome!

And a special mention about the power house WHEY PROTEIN....

*Helps with weight management and reduces effects of ageing.

*Helps us old gracefully

*Prevents Osteoporosis

*Boosts immune systems

*Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

*fights the risks of life-threatening diseases

Whey can be added to gravies, soups, rasams, sambar, koottu,  dhals, to make any gravy thin, to knead chapathi and poori dough. Can be susbstituted with water in cooking.


Milk - 1 litre (roughly 4.5 US cup)
Fresh curds - 1 cup
Lemon juice - 2 tbsps
Salt a pinch

Recipe cuisine: North Indian; Category: Lunch/breakfast/dinner
Prep time/draining time/refrigerating time(all put together): 4-5 hrs; Cooking time: 10 mts

Yields approx. 250 gms paneer (which is 130/-, when store bought)

Take curds in a bowl

To that, add lemon juice, mix well.

Boil milk. When it becomes frothy, about to boil.....

add the curd-lemon mixture, flames on the lowest

Keep stirring, milk has started curdling

curdling more.....

whey has separated, process is done, stove to be switched off now

Keep a fine strainer on a vessel(I keep like this, so that when you pour the curdled mixture into the cloth, it won't cave in) and put a thin towel or cheese cloth over the strainer

like this

Pour the curdled mixture into this, and incase you are going to use crumbled paneer, then after it drains off completely, you can use right away, or store in fridge and use. Also, if you want to add any seasonings or chilli flakes to the paneer, then this is the right time....( For example., if you want to add some paneer cubes to your peas pulav, then paneer with some kasoori methi will taste amazing)

Tie it into a bundle, hang over the faucet, let it drain slowly. You can, gently press it and squeeze the excess water out

after 11/2 to 2 hours, all water has drained, take out the bundle, keep it on a plate

and keep weight over it. I have kept chapathi board over it. You can keep any cast iron tava etc too, after an hour or so, refrigerate for 2-3 hours. I actually kept it inside fridge with the rolling board.

This is the highly nutritious whey, which after cooling, can be refrigerated, and used in our everyday requirement.

It has become flat and firm now. Gently open the bundle

Soft and succulent home made paneer is ready!!!

Cut into cubes, and use as and when needed. 

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