Friday, May 14, 2021

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 Pudina Paneer Parathas!!!!

Health, taste and nutrition...all packed into these!!!

MINT aids digestion, treats Asthma, treats common cold, Cures Head ache, a real breath-freshener, stimulates digestive enzymes, thus decreasing unwanted weight, takes care of skin and brain power, excellent remedy to treat nausea, rejuvenates mind by beating stress and depression.

COTTAGE CHEESE/PANEER  is rich in Protein, Potassium and calcium, a rich source of Omega 3, rich in dietary fiber, lowers risk of Type-2 diabetes, improves hemoglobin level, and is a must for vegetarians.

So, these two Wonders are incorporated in these super-soft and tasty rotis.

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These parathas can be served with any dhal of your choice. I have served with Tirangi dhal

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Home made paneer

Wheat flour - 3/4 cup
Home made fresh paneer - 1/2 cup
Jeera - 1 tsp
Ghee - 1 tsp
Cooking/gingely oil - 1 tsp
Salt to taste

To grind
Mint leaves - 1 heaped cup, stems removed, cleaned and washed and drained
Green chillies - 2-3
Ginger - a small piece
Garlic - 2-3 pods

Enough oil + ghee to make parathas

Recipe cuisine: North Indian; Category: Breakfast/lunch/dinner
Prep time: 10 mts; Cooking time: 3-4 mts for each paratha

Yields 7 parathas

Mint, garlic, ginger and green chillies loaded into blender jar

and ground to a coarse paste

after taking out the ground paste, add little water to the jar, and keep to use for kneading the dough

Wheat flour, paneer, ground paste, jeera, salt to taste, ghee ...all these taken in a bowl

Using the water in the jar, ground to a soft dough, some oil applied finally and let aside for minimum an hour

Roll out parathas, not too thick..not too thin...first dry roast them on both sides, then drizzle a drop of ghee or oil or both mixed, cook well on both sides and take

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