Thru this page, I will share some small tips, which make things easy. This page gets updated now and then, as I remember some tips!!!

1. Keep the pressure cooker gaskets in the freezer compartment. This helps the gasket not lose thier shape soon, and thus gives them more life.

2. Always try to set curds during day time. This way, curd remains very fresh, and also the sooner it sets, you can store  it in the fridge.

3. Keep separate tavas for making dosas. Never toast a bread or chapathi on it. Then next time you make dosa, it will give you trouble. Also, you must not scrub and wash the tava. Just gently wipe it, and it is good if some grease remains on the tava. This is for the cast iron tava.

4. While making ghee from butter, towards the end, just before switching off, add drumstick leaves or curry leaves. This gives extra flavor to your ghee.

5. Always soak the rice an hour before, in water. This makes the saadham very soft.

6. Soaking dhals in hot water for 1/2 to 1 hour enables faster cooking.

7. If you are using tamarind, soak it in hot water for 1/2 hour.

8. While making cutlets, tikkis etc, keep the shaped cutlets or tikkis in fridge for a couple of hours, this makes the cutlets stay in shape and makes them firm.

9. If you are using lemon juice frquently , if you feel bored to squeeze out every time, then here is a small tip: Squeeze out 6 lemons in a clean, dry glass bottle, add a pinch of salt and refrigerate. This stays good for almost a week .

10.At times, ginger does not stay fresh for a long time , even when refrigerated. Becomes soggy. So, nowadays, after peeling, I make some ground ginger and some chopped ginger, store them in airtight boxes and refrigerate them. These really stay good for almost 10 days.